Authentic Pipe Organ Sounds
Sampled Wave Processing¨
Exclusive Patented Features
No Unification or Borrowing
Unprecedented Stop-by-Stop Voicing Capabilities
Easy to Understand and Operate
All Stops Playable Together on One, Two, or Three Divisions
Built-in, Five Track Sequencer, 26,000 Events
Selectable Windchest Layouts
Historic Temperaments
Programmable Temperaments
Programmable MIDI Channels
Programmable Crescendo
Programmable Tutti
Two Adjustable Tremulants
Individually Activated Stop Units
Five Memory Capture System
Six General Pistons
Divided Expression
Master Volume
Two Audio Output Channels
Headphone Jack
Auto Pipe Tracking, Automatically Tunes Module to Pipes
Lighted Digital Display
Surprisingly Affordable
Elegant Wood Trim
and more...
Size: 14 3/8" W x 5" H x 8 3/8" D
Weight: 9 Pounds

Our research and development teams' commitment to technological innovations and excellence
may necessitate changes to specifications and features without notice.

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